a flat colored commission of yarnmonger's oc.
[commission information]

Guys this was 8$ and it’s going towards buying a surprise shirt for her girlfriend. Go show nubby some love.PS this is my persona/character and other pen/internet name, Ryu Takeshi/Ry’ous Tak’Shin.


a flat colored commission of yarnmonger's oc.

[commission information]

Guys this was 8$ and it’s going towards buying a surprise shirt for her girlfriend. Go show nubby some love.

PS this is my persona/character and other pen/internet name, Ryu Takeshi/Ry’ous Tak’Shin.

Commissions (Because Groceries and Tuition)

Just wanted to throw out that I recently revamped my commissions page. So, y’know, reblog to help me out if you want!

If you don’t know me, I make yarn stuff like:





(And I updated my about me page if you care about that)

And friendly reminder that I’m still trying to change the world by making schools teach more than just white people stuff, but I need your testimonials and experience to do it. And you can win free stuff if you help me!




I am really, really fed up with the Old Dead White Guy Club, and I want to change the world.

If you don’t follow my personal blog, clearlycolson, you probably don’t know that I just started my Masters of Teaching and Learning at McGill University. I’m going to be an English teacher. We have to do a Capstone project, which is kind of like a thesis, on some part of education we want to change.

I found one.

If you went to school in Canada or the US, I’m betting you read a lot of Shakespeare, Orwell, Dickens, and maybe Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. So far we’ve got three dead white men, and one living white woman, who are all either British or American.

How many other women did you read? Black or Latino Americans? People from Asia, Africa, South America, male or female?

We have this huge emphasis on the Old and the White, and it is not okay. I’m going to change this, or at least try my hardest. But to do this, I need some information.

So my call to Tumblr:

  • Can you give me some awesome, high school appropriate works of fiction by non-Western authors?
  • Bonus points if the authors are female or non-binary gendered (please avoid white Western females, though; While I love Harper Lee, we want to get other perspectives)
  • Bonus points again if they are not American or British (Toni Morrison counts, but let’s expand!)
  • Critical Theorists like Edward Said (Orientalism) would be helpful too
  • If you don’t know any authors, THAT’S OKAY: Tell me about your experience with books and authors in high school. You are still part of the giveaway (read below)!

The conditions for submissions are:

  • Keep it to fiction or autobiographical
  • They CANNOT be both white and from America, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, etc.
  • They CAN be from these places and be Indigenous or mixed.
  • They CAN be white and from Bulgaria, Hungary, the rest of Eastern Europe, South Africa, etc., but I would like more non-white narratives
  • For now, no white people writing non-white narratives (Ursula K. LeGuin rocks, but I want non-white authors for now)
  • It does NOT have to be written in English; however, there must be an English translation available somewhere, since this is meant to be taught in North American schools.
  • Time period doesn’t matter. In fact, narratives from pre 1700 other places of the world would be really great.
  • Lit Crit authors can be any origin, as long as they’re writing about post-colonialism, anti-eurocentrism, etc.
  • Even if you didn’t go to school in Canada or the US, you can submit. This is a GLOBAL contest. I’d be glad to hear about your educational experiences and what you read.

You can either reblog, ask, or email to with your submissions.

And as a bonus, THIS IS A GIVEAWAY. There are TWO contests:

  1. If you DON’T know any authors, that is cool. Simply reblogging this will get you an entry; Multiple reblogs count. Please no giveaway blogs because this is meant to get it to a wide audience. You get a BONUS POINT if you talk about your high school experience with Eurocentrism (focus on West = best. Preferably talking about how this sucked, but if you loved it, tell me about it).
  2. IF you DO know any authors/books/critical theorists, telling me about them gives you an entry into a separate contest. You have to have read at least part of the book, so you can’t just google around. Tell me what it’s kind of about, why it’s good or important. 

I will ship the prizes anywhere in the whole damn world. The prizes for both contests are the same.

You get TWO THINGS: One is a medium-sized yarn creation of your choice, like these:



and this AWESOME fantasy/post apocalyptic POC book:


This is going to run until December 7th, 2014, where I will start a new contest with new winners for the new year.



Haku/Kohaku, from Miazaki’s Spirited Away.

I love him so much. It’s been a while since I made an Ami for myself. I think he turned out absolutely gorgeous; I’m really proud of this.


Hi everyone!

This is a baby shower gift. I used this wonderful pattern which I totally recommend.

He’s made of Lion Heart Pound of Love for the main colour (in Denim) and some Red Heart I had lying around. Only took like, maybe 5 hours.

Pst maximumspazzitude

I made you a thing real quick :3

(For Knitters: All acrylic, US 8 needles, 3 hours)

I meant to post this months ago, but it slipped my mind! Behold: The Hyrule Sigil Sweater, from the Legend of Zelda!

This is the second sweater I ever made, after I finally decided to set down my hook and pick up the needles again. I’m exceptionally proud of this.

I only got to wear it once because the weather warmed up, but at least we got that one last cold snap in March so I could try it out!


- This is a hybridized pattern.  I used this Keyhole Tunic pattern by Patons as my base, but used bee stitch next to the cables and moved the cables around. I also elongated the pattern to make it a sweater dress. The sleeves are the exact same, though.
- I spirited that Triforce out myself. Feel free to use!
- It’s made of 100% acrylic yarn. It’s nothing special; I think it’s just Vanna’s Choice or some other Lion brand from my local Michael’s.
- It took…Surprisingly less time than I thought! I discovered that I could knit and read all my novels for my last semester as an English undergraduate (as long as they were on my computer, so I didn’t have to hold the book up), so I did this mainly while reading and during class. I started it in January and finished it early March.

Questions and comments are always welcome!


skreeches i finally got to go home and yarnmonger's fucking adORABLE LITTLE DAVEKAT DOLLS were waiting for me o my gog look at them theyre so cute aHHHh

You’re welcome Nubby! Hope they brighten up your life!(Dave has glasses but they probably fell off in the box!)


skreeches i finally got to go home and yarnmonger's fucking adORABLE LITTLE DAVEKAT DOLLS were waiting for me o my gog look at them theyre so cute aHHHh

You’re welcome Nubby! Hope they brighten up your life!
(Dave has glasses but they probably fell off in the box!)


This thing is oooold but I never posted it and it’s an egg, so topically easter appropriate?

Crocheted Yoshi egg, for my Gijinka Yoshi cosplay. No pics of that yet, but it’s almost done!


The last of the headband set! (1)(2) Finally comfy with cables, I decided to go big or go home. This is again off of Ravelry, the Criss-Cross Cable Headband. Go show it some love.

Later this week: Hats. And some Amis should be showing up again soon! Questions, comments, and commissions always cool, drop an Ask or email me at


So I started with this headband, and then I wanted to learn how to do cables (the braid pattern). So, I went on Ravelry and found this pattern.

You’ll notice if you click the link that they look completely different. That’s because I use acrylic yarn and am terrified/ignorant of blocking. (Blocking, for non-yarners, is where you wet and steam/iron/dry your pieces stretched out so they retain the proper shape, don’t curl in on themselves, and become magically prettier. Acrylic yarn is prone to melting, however, so I’m scared).

It’s still cute as is, but if I ever get the courage to block it, I’ll post updated pictures.


So a while back I started getting into knitting again. That’s right, I’m not just a hooker ((crocheter, for my non-yarny followers)). I learned to knit first, actually, but when I discovered how fast crocheting was in comparison, I lost interest.

Well, I got tired of crocheting after a few big projects, so I learned how to use DPNs (double pointed needles) and started whipping up headbands.

And this was the first! A quick ribbed band with a crocheted rose to dress it up. I’m not always the girly type, being androgynous prone to far swings, but I guess this was a girly phase.

Questions, comments, and commissions are super cool and will totally be answered! Email me at or throw an ask my way, my box is always open.


This was an art trade for nubbybub, aka the Queen of DaveKat. I’m SUPER overdue on my part, so sorry again, but I hope you love them! For those who don’t know, these are Dave and Karkat from Homestuck, in swapped God-Tier hoodies. I call them a Shipping pair. :3

I am available for art trades, though sometimes I need some help with funding as I am growing increasingly poorer due to the fact that I’m about to start GETTING MY GODDAMN MASTERS and living away from home.

On that note, you can always commission me to help me out. All proceeds go to paying my tuition!

So I got a hankering to make something quick and tiny. Asked my knitting buddy what I should make.

Our mutual friend anxiousicecream is a very proud Hufflepuff, so I whipped up this badger for her. Needless to say, she was very pleased!

This one took a couple of hours, and the size comparison can be seen against the penny.

The body is actually grey in real life, though for some reason the camera gave it a purple tint. :\


The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Kokiri Hat : 30$ + At Cost Shipping (~5$)

Greetings followers! This is my knitted Link hat, available in Ocarina of Time Kelly Green and Windwaker Green (or, on commission, any colour you want)! They are 100% acrylic, machine washable, warm, and great for cosplays or Legend of Zelda fans! Fits teens or adults, though available for commission in other sizes.


Feel free to email me at, or send and ask/fanmail for any questions, comments, or inquiries.

Giveaway starts this week, look out for a post! (sorry for the delay, school was really crushing me this semester!)